Priory of St. Norbert

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


In keeping with the Templar mission of coming to the aid of Christians and Christian Clergy through Faith, Hope and Charity, the Priory of St. Norbert and its Knights and Dames support many charitable causes and organizations across the nation and throughout the world.

The Priory of St. Norbert initiated the "Teddy Bears for Sick Kids" Program. The Priory has purchased and distributed thousands of teddy bears since 1994, to sick children at Chicago's childrens' hospitals.

Since 1997 the Priory has organized and provided a Christmas Party dinner with presents for the children and families of parishioners at St. Michael the Archangel Church, one of the poorest parishes in Chicago. Members of the Priory also purchase and give school supplies to the parish children at the Party.

St. Norbert organized and hosted an organ and choir concert at St. James Cathedral in Chicago. Approximately $15,000 was donated and presented to help rebuild the Russian Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, which had been destroyed by Stalin on December 5, 1931, as a testament to his eradication of God and religion in Russia.

The Priory of St. Norbert raised a substantial amount of money to furnish rail-road cars in Russia. These brought Christian worship, teaching, and health services to Russians living in very remote areas of northwestern Russia.

During the War in Kosovo, the Priory, in cooperation with the Orthodox Church in Serbia, contributed over $65,000 to purchase special high-tech satellite telephones that connected NATO troop headquarters with several Orthodox churches that had come regularly under attack and gunfire. NATO troops were able to defend the Christian worshipers and stop the attacks. The Priory also sent Teddy Bears for children in worn torn Kosovo.

During the Global War on Terror, the Priory was directly involved in collecting and distributing school supplies in Afghanistan. The Priory also provided financial assistance to hire teachers specifically for female schools.

In 2002, the Priory sent financial aid in the form of antibiotics and medical supplies to Archbishop Ganda in Sierra Leone.

In 2006 the Priory contributed more than 40% of the budget toward building a gymnasium in Russia at a Juvenile Prison.

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